Our Story

  1. Edwin H. Hesselberg founds an elevator consulting firm in San Francisco after 44 years with Otis Elevator Company.

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  2. Mr Glen Keesee, along with a few others, joins Mr. Hesselberg, and Hesselberg, Keesee and Associates is born.

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  3. Mr. Glen Keesee purchases the firm and incorporates it in the State of California.

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  4. Daryl Anderson, now our principal and CEO, joins Hesselberg, Keesee and Associates as a consultant and the firm continues to grow. Daryl’s first office was a small desk in the corner. Today, we still keep him in the corner, but his desk is MUCH bigger.

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  5. Mr. Daryl Anderson purchased interest in the firm along with fellow consultant, Mr. Thomas L. Wendt.

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  6. Daryl moves to Southern California to oversee and build a new office outpost for Hesselberg, Keesee and Associates. And also, to work on his tan. It works! Daryl gets tanner and the firm begins to gain traction in the Southern California market as well as other markets around the world.

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  7. The current incarnation begins when Mr. Daryl Anderson purchases the Southern California office of Hesselberg, Keesee and Associates to form a new consulting partnership, called “HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc.”, along with Mr. Scott Southard, Mr. Paul Pitfield, Mr. Bob Evans, Mr. Joe Orrico and Mr. Bill Raffia. Ms. Alyce Allen comes aboard as CFO and a new era is born!

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  8. The Las Vegas office opened under the management of Jim Sternberg. You can’t swing a dead cat on the Strip without hitting a casino we’ve worked with. John Reynolds joins HKA as a consultant but soon becomes our president. He was appointed, but if it had been an election, he still would’ve won.

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  9. Between 2005 and 2012, some consultants retire, some new ones come on board. The firm continues to grow in both size and reputation. Lee Chain asks nicely if she can open an office in the Pacific Northwest and the answer is Yes! This office, located in Seattle, opens in October of 2012.

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  10. The original firm of Hesselberg, Keesee and Associates in San Francisco is dissolved.

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  11. Now, HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc., carries on the Ed Hesselberg and Glen Keesee legacy with a whole slew of smart, qualified and helpful people. How’s it going? It’s going well! Visit our pages to see who we are now!

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  12. HKA takes over the world as benevolent rulers! (Just kidding!) We will however, continue to provide the kind of service that keeps our clients coming back, and new ones coming in. Call us! We’d love to talk to you! (And we’ll give you a nice position when we take over…)

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Our People

What does an elevator and escalator consulting firm do? And who do they do it with? And most importantly - Why is HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc. such a good one?

Each of our consultants or managers has over 25 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry. This means before we ever got to HKA, each of us had already accumulated many years of experience and education in our field. We actually have a guy working for us with a degree in Lift Engineering! We bring all that elevator and escalator knowledge and experience to the table for our Clients and for each other.

We’re big enough to be deep, but small enough to be nimble.

We assist in the development, design and maintenance of people and material transportation systems. That might be in a new building or in an existing building. Our Clients include Architects, Developers, General Contractors, Building Owners, Building Managers, and Public Entities (City, County, State and Federal), just to name a few. Anybody who needs help with a vertical transportation system should get in touch with us right away. See the contact page if you feel inclined.

In the meantime, please feel free to roam around the website! And drop us a line if you like.

daryl anderson
Daryl Anderson

Principal & CEO

John Reynolds
John Reynolds

Principal & President

Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor, MSc

Principal & Vice President

Jeff Crusham
Jeff Crusham

Director, National Business Development

Tom Birks
Tom Birks


Lee Chain

Northwest Territory Manager

Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly


Carl Shiroma
Carl Shiroma

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Debbie Hermann


Joe Orrico
Joe Orrico

Certified Elevator Inspector

scott powell
Scott Powell


Robert Vinson

Elevator Consultant:

Jeff Rodriguez


Brian Flanigan


Our Offices

California Office

23211 South Pointe Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Our first office! From this Laguna Hills location we cover the greater Los Angeles area, plus San Diego to the south and San Francisco to the north. Want to see one of our better known California projects? Check out the amazing Getty Center in our Projects section!

Las Vegas Office

3765 East Sunset Road, Suite B5
Las Vegas, NV 89120

Here every day since 2005! We’ve helped open a LOT of hotels and casinos in fabulous Las Vegas. Chances are, you’ve been in one or two of them. Not sure? Check out our Projects section – Paris Las Vegas is a nice one!

Seattle Office

15811 32nd Avenue NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

There’s nothing elevator people love more than coffee! Except maybe free food! But, then, who doesn’t? Although well-caffeinated since 2012, HKA had made their mark in Seattle before. Ever seen that shiny Central Library downtown? Yup, that was us!

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